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"We at Micro vision Enterprises are committed to achieve  customer satisfaction by manufacturing consistent quality Rubber Testing Machines and providing continually improved service after sale This is achieved through adherence to ISO 9001 : 2000 quality policy and active participation of employees and associates.



Specification-Oscillating Disc Rheometer

Oscillation Frequency 100 Cycles/minutes (1.66)Hz
Oscillation Amplitude Plus and Minus 1o,3o,5o(Half Cycle)
Sample Volume Approximately 8 cm 3
Temperature Microprocessor controlled 
Calibrated range 100-2000C. 
Independent Upper & Lower Platen Control. 
Accuracy - control temperature to within +-0.50C.
Torque Transducer Cantilever Based Transducer .Four arm Temperature Compensated Semi-Conductor strain gauge bridge.
Recording & Display Directly on-line display on VGA Monitor 
Memory Storage of data. 
Automatic Computation of results. 
Multiple display of graphs. 
Statistical Analysis & Statistical Quality Control (SQC).
Printed Data Color Inkjet Printer
Electrical Power Supply A.C. 175-275 V.50 HZ., 20 Amp. Maximum
Compressed Air Supply 60 psi. ( 4.2 Kg/Sq Cm.) minimum operating pressure controlled by internal regulator with gauge
Environment Dust free reasonably controlled Ambient temperature and humidity.
Dimensions A. Main Panel       65 x 26 x 23 inches.B  Computer Unit    Desktop.