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Quality Policy

"We at Micro vision Enterprises are committed to achieve  customer satisfaction by manufacturing consistent quality Rubber Testing Machines and providing continually improved service after sale This is achieved through adherence to ISO 9001 : 2000 quality policy and active participation of employees and associates.


Features of Micro Vision Software & Hardware:

1. User Friendly Software Window based very easy to operate with the help of 
   keyboard and Mouse.
2.Online display of Torque vs Time graph.
3.Huge Capacity of Data Storage and Retrieval.
4.There is a provision of Quality Gates where you can make three Gates to keep the 
   desired quality.
5.There is option of statistical Analysis. (Sigma, Range, Mean, Standard deviation)
6.Output data Reports-MI, ML, MH, Ts2,Ts5,Tc50,Tc90,Tp,Optimum cur, Cure Rate, 
   End Temp, Trend, Reversion Time, Cp, Cpk, Values (Bar Graph)
7.There is option of Pass and Fail criteria as and when graph cross the quality gates
8.Color Printout.
9. Flexible Testing timings
10.After Connecting with the computer, Rheograph will appear in Color on monitor 
    screen and after completing the graphs & Data will appear.
11 An another features of our software is that as and when you make a stock the 
    Batch Number and Specimen Number will automatically change.
12.You can delete the particular batch Number.
13.On switching the computer you will get Rheometer Software Screen.
14.Temperature Graph will also appear along with Rheograph.