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Quality Policy

"We at Micro vision Enterprises are committed to achieve  customer satisfaction by manufacturing consistent quality Rubber Testing Machines and providing continually improved service after sale This is achieved through adherence to ISO 9001 : 2000 quality policy and active participation of employees and associates.


Moving Die Rheometer

Advanced Testing Technology

New Millennium Rheometer

1 Rotorless
2 Single Touch Key Operation
3 Computer Controlled Automated Testing
4 Programmable Logic Control (PLC) based circuit
Better Repeatability & Reproducibility
1 Smaller Sample Size
2 Better Temperature Test Profile
3 Smaller Arc of Oscillation
4 Rotorless Curing
Enhanced Output
1 Directly Heated Dies
2 Response Assisted PID (RaPID) Temperature Controlling Action
3 Faster Temperature Recovery
4 Faster Insertion/ Removal of Test Sample
Technically Excellence Design
1 Reaction Torque Sensor mounted directly above the Upper Die
2 Measured Torque is the transmitted torque through the sample
3 Viscous S'' & Elastic S' Modulus (Torque) can be separated
4 Tan Delta vs Elastic Modulus can be studied
User Friendly Software
1 Windows Environment
2 Continuous repeated testing of same stock on same screen
3 Multiple Color Coded graphs for easy separation fo batches